Cole Koehler began his directing career by creating unconventional public service announcements for the City of Minneapolis. One, "Snow Business," quickly gained attention for its unexpected brand of humor. (It employed a musical and dance number to emphasize the importance of receiving snow-emergency information from official sources.) Since then, Cole has carved out a career full of wit and funniness; his talents have propelled spots for Doritos, Pepsi Max, Namco Bandai, GoDaddy and Steele Fitness.

For Cole, the art of advertising is intrinsically connected with the science of humor. To serve his philosophy, Cole collaborates with brilliant writers and talented artists to create a complete concept that ultimately rewards the viewer. This approach paid off handsomely in 2010 when Cole and creative partner Ben Krueger won the Doritos Crash The Super Bowl contest with their ad "Snack Attack Samurai." Their creation also received the prestigious Cocky Award for Best Super Bowl Commercial.

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